Saturday, February 13, 2010


I have always known that counselor was one of the many hats teachers wear. But I didn't know how difficult it was until this week. It seems that in our class it was a fourth grade drama production. Some had more of the lead parts in the play where others just had minor aches and pains. A few students chose to remain out of the spotlight (thank goodness), but I think that over half of my class had some sort of ailment, either emotional or physical this week.

I am now confident that I can teach a lesson, deal with some pretty major name calling, comfort a student crying student (because her leg hurts so bad), keep another student (who is on the verge of tears because of her broken finger's pain) calm, and motivate another student who prefers not to do schoolwork all at the same time. With all that accomplished, bring on Illinois State Achievement Testing!!

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  1. Your blog post made me laugh out loud. (But, I'm laughing with you, not at you.) Last year my fourth-grade class had MAJOR drama--especially among the girls. My girls are calmer this year.
    People outside of teaching have no idea how many hats we wear: counselor, mother, father, sister, nurse, therapist, comedian, actress, psychologist, etc....Perhaps that's way I come home so drained some days.


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