Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of the Year, Moving on

It is the end of the school year. I finished my last day with the kids today and we have one more day of institutes tomorrow. I have been very blessed to work with amazing teachers this year who have loved me, supported me and encouraged me as life was turning this way and that way. I am very blessed to have had the oppertunities to aide the teachers I did this year and to be a regular substitute for second grade. I believe it was largely because of this position that I recieved a teaching job for the fall.

I am overjoyed, scared and excited all rolled into one. Mostly because the teaching job is in Oklahoma. A state I had never seen until a few weeks ago (after I accepted the job). Yes, my husband and I are moving ten hours away to start life in a new city, new state knowing noone- it's scary. But such a wonderful blessing as well! I am going to love teaching my second graders!

Yes, I will miss the kiddos at school, yes, I will miss my Kumon kiddos, yes I will miss friends and family. We will meet new friends and find a wonderful church family, I am sure. I'm so excited about this adventure!