Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of the Year Changes

Yes, I am officially done with school for the year. It was restful for about a day before I launched myself into another project, but more on that later. One of the students I worked with this year graduated. It was neat to see how she got "senioritus" the last couple of weeks, just the same as all the other seniors. I guess I just expected her to keep working despite the school year coming to a close~silly me :) I was unable to attend her graduation or party, since my sister also graduated on the same day almost 2 hours away. That was a bit sad, as I spent the entire school year mornings with her. Her mother hugged me (at her last IEP meeting) and cried and I held it together (strange, I know); but the tears did come as I put her on the bus for the last time.

My other student will be back next year and I will see her at summer school in July, so it wasn't as emotional, which was good. If I don't get a teaching job, I will probably be back working with her again, so I may see her after summer as well.

What I have been working on has been insane! It will be over in a couple of days, but it is phenomenal how much preparation goes into it! A student in the same department as I (I only worked with her directly in PE and group activities) was diagnosed with an additional disability which is terminal. So me and a couple other staff members have been organizing a benefit for her. We've been collecting donations for the auction for the past month and are putting the final touches on the auction baskets and preparing the food in the next couple of days. I feel like there is always something else to be done for it. Currently I am working on a poster with the names of all the business owners (cut from my cricut) who donated items. It is overwhelmingly humbling how many businesses have given items and gift certificates! Although gluing all the names on the poster board is taking awhile :) Tomorrow we go pick up food donations and start cooking! My head hurts just thinking about it all.

For those who are local, here is the information for the benefit:
Hedi Benefit
Knights of Columbus, Bloomington, IL
Food, live bands, silent auction, live auction, raffle, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Norwex and 31 Purse consultants-come join the fun!
$10 cover charge includes meal and auction number

Whew! There are changes coming at Kumon as well, more on that later :)