Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrations and ISAT prep

Today I looked through practice ISAT tests that the students took last week. My focus was on extended response for the mathematics section. It is good we are going over this again this week, as many of the students did not do well. But there was one student who was a pleasant surprise. On the second extended response, most students tried really hard and explained their reasoning; unfortunately, it was incorrect or only a partial explanation. This particular student does not do exceptionally well at mathematics, but he doesn't struggle either. He figured it out and wrote the best explanation of them all. I was so proud of him! When I asked him if I could use his answer as an example when we talk about them later this week, he seemed shocked that I wanted to show his. He said he didn't think he did well. After assuring him that I wanted to show it because it was great, he agreed. I don't think he understood my excitement. Upon showing my mentor his work, she laughed because of my excitement. It feels good to know they can do it.

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