Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Math Website

Upon reading another teacher's blog, she advocated this website as a great resource. Being curious, as I am, I went there to check it out.

Oh, how I could have used this website in my class last year! We were expected to remember exactly how to do all the mathematical work we had learned thus far and preform well on a content test (without being retaught). Although that method is OK, I would have appreciated having this resource to refresh my memory about how all the different types of trigonometry problems work, as that was my weakness. By sharing this, I hope others might be able to use it at the needed times.

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  1. i'm not a teacher, but i do tutor so i'll hold on to this site as a resource. i remember when my daughter was in elementary school. she struggled so much with math. i looked high and low for ways to help her. i found a couple of things but this site would have come in handy.


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