Monday, January 10, 2011


Tonight I had a student who would not pay attention unless I called him Buzz, as in Buzz Light-year. He also called me Space Ranger, which I deemed ok for the night, as he was the only one (out of 4) that came to class. He is obsessed with Toy Story, so I used this to my advantage.

He was working, but very distracted when I asked him how Buzz did his work. He said, "Buzz is a spaceman, he flies from planet to planet with lightning speed"-his face was completely serious. I then replied, "if you are really Buzz, then shouldn't you be able to work with lightning speed?" I was hoping it would focus him, and it did. He was done with the worksheet in no time and got to move on to the more fun activities (which are a must for this student, because he needs the extra practice with letter sounds and blends-the focus of the fun activities).

Teaching children is never dull :)

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