Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Still Learning

Some things that I learned/ learned again in the classroom this week:

1. Time to wiggle is essential for pre-kindergardeners.
2. Pre-kindergardeners have a difficult time saying Criminger. It often comes out as Criminer or Riminer.
3. Second graders can be both helpful and deceitful. It is good to have more helpful ones in the classroom, as they point out the craftiness of the others.
4. I am constantly being observed (both by the students and by neighboring teachers).
5. Children still draw mustaches on the pictures of those that aren't their closest friends.
6. Something as simple as a marker line on a picture can hurt feelings and stir up a need for revenge.
7. Even at age 7, students still need to be told to put their coats on and zip them up when it is below freezing outside.
8. It doesn't matter how many times I see it, the 'ah, ha' moment still makes me smile.
9. Every classroom and group of students is different.
10. I came from a small town and a part of me will always feel at home in a small school, like I grew up in.

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