Thursday, April 8, 2010

Multi-Step Project

I had previously written that my students are doing a research project on various regions of the United States of America. The students are recording their research in a class blog. Many are coming along nicely, some need to be revised and some need to be finished.

Since this is an online blog, no names are posted. The security is very strict, as I had to create a guest user name so that others could read our blog (mainly family members). The site is and the guest user name is: FamilyMember with the password being wilson Should you be interested in seeing how these are coming along, you can view them at that location. Because it is set up as a guest account, you can not comment on the blogs or edit them. It is a read only account. I love this about the particular blog site I chose to use.

We have also begun the pod-casting process. The students are excited about this level of the project. Once they are finished and posted on the classroom website, I will post a link for you to listen.

It is a challenge with various groups at different stages of the project. Our classroom is fortunate to have 5 computers in the classroom to use, but with a class of 26 students, it is difficult to get them all done in a timely manner. I have developed an extension activity because of this. I am new to using a blog within the classroom as well as a podcast (the one I made to tell the students how to use it was my first ever!) I love that my school has the resources to be able to incorporate technology into the classroom!

There are definitely challenges, but all in all it is coming along nicely. Today I wanted to have three or four of me in the classroom, as many students had questions about various stages of the project-yet that is all part of the fun. Trying to juggle all the questions and help everyone in a timely manner. I am thankful my mentor teacher has been leaving the room and leaving this up to me to handle by myself. I know this will prepare me for when I have a classroom of my own-which I hope is soon!

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