Saturday, August 22, 2009

Setting Up

This week I attended classes (in which I was a student) and helped my mentor teacher set up the classroom.

It is amazing what six years of teaching will do for you! She had an abundance of information on how to do little everyday things. Her classroom library was amazing. It had lots of different books in several genres. She did mention that she would like to get more non fiction, but that the school library had a vast variety of non fiction, so the students still had access to books of that nature.

I am excited that we are going to incorporate mini lessons and writing workshops for reading and writing into the curriculum. My C and I 208 and 209 teachers would be proud :D

I worked with another intern to put up our first ever bulletin board! We even came up with the design ideas ourselves. We ran into some space difficulties, but three tries later, we finally got something that would fit. I was shocked at how much time it takes to make a bulletin board, but perhaps the time decreases with practice and preset ideas. I will post a picture of our board when I get one.

Coming up next week: district retreat and back to school night!


  1. Umm. No it doesn't ever really get much faster to do a bulletin board. It's a temporary work of art.

  2. We had to make the monthly bulletin board outside of the mentor teacher's classroom as student teachers, too. What saved me was learning to use tacks for the paper before stapling. That way, you don't need four hands to hold that paper up and staple. :)

    What grade are you teaching this year?? I posted today!! :) I hope you have a fantastic year, and I'm excited about reading your ideas and lessons learned. I am learning something new literally... every hour. haha.

  3. For the bulletin boards: we put one up yesterday in 25 minutes! Granted the idea was already solid and there were 5 of us working on it. Julie, I am teaching 4th grade for now, then Jr High after OCT.


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