Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seeing the School/Meeting the Teacher

I finally have my placement for PDS! I will be in a forth grade classroom with (what looks to be an) amazing teacher! Forth grade is my level of choice, so that in itself is super exciting.
On top of that the school I will be working in was recently built and has a wonderful layout. I have come to realize within the past couple of months that I am beginning to notice houses and buildings and appreciating the architecture and what can be done with the space provided. (My roommate tells me this is my inner teacher and I am looking to make the most out of the space I am given.) The school I will be working at have come up with a way to make a large school seem smaller through colored teams (of two classes from each grade:4-6). This is such a wonderful idea!
The library and media center are extremely high-tech and I am looking forward to finding fun ways to use them as well as increase the students' interest through use of technology.
Where I was slightly nervous before, now I am really excited to begin my journey in that classroom. It appears that there will be quite a bit of co-teaching going on between the other yellow 4th grade teacher. This will also be a new experience for me, as I have only read about this in my textbooks.
Overall, I feel much more comfortable with the changes that will be taking place in my life and am excited about the many opportunities this school will be able to offer me as I continue to grow and learn.

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